Gary Green

General Manager

phone: 866-218-5346 Ext 101

fax: 888-592-2705

Gary Green, General  Manager, a native of Kansas, now lives in the state of Texas  has been with the Mavericks organization for four years.   Gary handles general organizational prodeducres,  court set up, sound set up, player housing, game time operations, team travel arrangements, arena set up and much much more.   Gary is a past  Olympic medalist. 

Debra Green

Director of Marketing and Finance

phone: 866-218-5346 Ext 102

fax: 888-515-3915

Debra Green, a native of Louisiana , now lives in Texas, is Director of Marketing and Financial Manager  of the Mavericks.  Debra manages all organizational business including marketing and advertising of the Mavericks as well as contract negotiations ,  payroll and organizational structure and direction.  Debra is a graduate of McNeese State University , Lake Charles, La.

Beverly Johnson

Merchandise Manager

phone: 866-218-5346 Ext 109

fax: 855-870-8111

Beverly is a native of Alabama and a college graduate of Central Alabama Community College.  She has many years experience in the stock market industry with Sheraron Lehman Brothers Brockerage .   She has been working with the Mavericks organization for two years  and is  head of our merchandising department.  

Renee Baker

Administrative Assistant

phone: 866-218-5346 Ext 106

fax: 855-255-3321

Renee was born and raised in south Louisiana, where she is a licensed Practical Nurse as well as a Notary Public.  She also has 30+ years experience working in the sports industry  in all aspects of the profession.   At any given time Renee can be seen assisting with administrative needs, marketing, ticket sales, social media and much more.  Renee is a graduate of Sowela Community College, Lake Charles, LA.  

Mike Crain

Marketing Assistant

phone: 866-218-5346 Ext 104

fax: 855-518-7910

Mike Crain, is a communications graduate and is not only a player for the Mavericks but also contributes to the daily activities of our organization that include social media maintenance, player appearances and much more.  


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